Superior Benefits

Affordable and Safe Investment

With a small investment of 28.75 Lakhs you can start earning a whopping 9% ROI through Kapil Towers commercial space rental income without any risk. Call us for more details

No Maintenance

Never need to find tenants or the hassle of maintaining your property, Kapil towers is completely managed and maintained for your benefit

Immediate Rent

Unlike other commercial properties, Kapil Towers is pre-tenanted with long lease clients so you can have your rent credited to your account right from day one without any stress or work

Capital Appreciation

As Kapil Towers is high graded property for its location, facilities and features the property appreciation will happen quite faster and bigger than you can imagine.

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Why Kapil Towers

See what our smart investors are saying

My husband and I have recently invested in one of the property of Kapil towers with the help of Sanjay. Right from the start, Sanjay have been helping us with all the information about the projects and other investment details. He is not only very good at communicating but also extremely helpful in the whole process. He made is very easy for us to understand as this is our first time.
Sanjay assisted us with all the paper work, loan process and even the registration. He was great at interacting and within just few days, the whole process got over. In case any of you are planning to invest in Kapil towers, please ask for Sanjay and take his help from the start so he can help you in the best possible way. We totally trust Sanjay and going forward would like to work with him. Thank you for all your help as it could only be possible for us to invest so easily with your help.

Meha Batta

I would like to share my wonderful experience with Kapil Towers, I have a stupendous response from your team and I am getting Rent on time without any follow up, in fact I am checking post I get it in my account This is the best option in current situation and you can be in peace.

Nagaraju Addagulla

Genuine company. Excellent staff. Right choice for investment

Chandra Sekhar k

Spoke to M.Dinesh and he has been very informative. Got the information that I needed to think over it and take the next step. Location is very good. Hotel tower is a different proposition compared to IT and it is sold out to my disappointment.

Satya Bhaskar Yamajala

I made a visit to Kapil Towers, looking for options to invest in commercial property. I would say the entire visit really went well. At the entrance, the security personnel were professional and provided the necessary gate pass with photograph. The investment office is located on the 15th floor with a stunning view of the financial district.

Marketing executive Tharun Dasari, very patiently explained the whole process about how the commercial Investment Model works. This being relatively new to me, I had a lot of questions. It was nice of him to spend good amount with me, to clarify everything.

Also, had a brief conversation with manager Kalyan who was polite and courteous.

Krishna Chaitanya


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