Kapil Towers opens its property for investment, giving you lucrative returns that are promised by none other. Grab this opportunity for assured income and capital appreciation. In this unique investment opportunity you have everything to gain. Unlike other forms of investment in property, Kapil assures you immediate returns and a great potential for capital growth in the top destination of Hyderabad.

An investment opportunity in commercial property

  • The size of the investment starts from 120 sft for 9.60 lakhs onwards.
  • A well-developed and maintained property by professional management team.
  • Property completed and operational and housing major companies.
  • Property location is in the most prime area of financial district of Hyderabad.
  • World’s top 10 IT companies are operating from the same location.
  • The property of Kapil Towers is leased to MNCs in IT, ITeS, Banks, and hotels businesses.
  • The property can be bought under undivided share model where the property is owned and leased collectively for easy management and better income.
  • Guaranteed rent during vacancy up to 9 months in lease period.
  • Clear title, spot registration and immediate rental income.

Kapil Towers brings you commercial properties on sale-and-lease basis. this unique concept enables you to get lucrative returns in commercial real estate like never before.

Parameters IT Tower
Tower Height Ground + 17 floors (around 4 lakh sft).
Investment Minimum Size 120 sft and in multiples.
Cost per sft Rs 12000 plus Rs 200 towards corpus funds*.
Tenants IT and ITes Multi-national companies and financial institutions.
Rent Higher of Rs 100/- per sft or actual rent received from the tenants*.
Lease Period As per the terms of the lease agreement normally for a term of minimum of 8 years.
Tenant Dakshin Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. undertakes lease management of the property.
Lease Management Fee 10% of the lease rental of the property.
Property Management Property managed professionally by Kapil Property Management Pvt. Ltd.

• These figures are subject to change depending on market conditions. Kindly contact our executive for current figures.

In his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki says that putting money in residential property is a liability and we all know the adage “Only fools build houses and wise men live in them.” The reason being, residential property comes with a whole lot of maintenance costs, looking for tenants, depreciating costs, repairs and more. Whereas, in the right location, commercial property is always lucrative and grows tremendously.

Here is a brief analysis of owning commercial property vs residential property in prime areas.

Parameters Commercial Property Residential Property
Ownership Investor is the Owner of property Investor is the Owner of property
Rental Value Rent of property depends on the location for business and earning potential of the tenant, hence the rental value is higher compared to residential property. For Example: Rs.35 to Rs.40 per sft in prime location like Financial District, Gacchibowli. Rent of property depends on wants and needs of the tenant like amenities and property near to work place, hence rental value of property is lower. For Example: Rs.10 to Rs.15 per sft in prime location like Jubilee Hills.
Furnishing Commercial Property need not be furnished and warm shell is given on rent, hence repairs to furniture or interiors does not occur. Property needs to be furnished and the interior and furniture needs to be changed to continue to earn the rental income.
Tenant Lease period of commercial property fairly long term like 5-8 years within minimum lock in period. Lease period of property is only 11 months with only 2 months notice period.
Vacancy Property becomes vacant very rarely where good property and lease management services are available. Property may become vacant very often and need to depend on real estate agents for new tenants.
Maintenance Well-qualified property management service professionals maintain property. Incase the tenant vacates, the property remains the warm shell and requires no painting. The owner of the property needs to take the maintenance of the property and every time the tenant vacates, the property needs to repaired and painted.
Capital Value Any property, which generates higher income, has higher appreciation in property value. With increasing rent and business improvement, the capital value of property increases manifold. Rental value of residential property decreases as the number of tenants and usage increases over a period of time leads to leads to capital appreciation.
Resale Resale of commercial property has no issues like used property or old property. Investors wish to buy property that has higher rental value. Resale of residential property has social issues like used property. Any first time buyer wishes to buy a new residential property.

Investing in Kapil Towers means investing in the fastest growing metro and most promising destination for investment in India– Hyderabad

  • It is 7th in the world as an IT outsourcing destination for health care, software testing, customer support, product development and financial services.
  • It is the 2nd largest city in India in terms of area (7100 sq. kms) and population (9.5 billion as of 2015).
  • The Hyderabad metro rail will be covering 72 kms and will be connecting various micro-markets across the city.
  • Hyderabad has lower cost of living, larger talent pool and world-class infrastructure thus attracting more and more companies across the world to invest in Hyderabad.
  • Per capita Income of Hyderabad is Rs 132,862 (2013-14), which is much above the country’s average, which shows the increasing buying power of consumers.